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Paver Sealing

Protect your pavers while also enhancing their appearance. Our two part, water-based, urethane sealer will protect your pavers from stains, spills, harmful UV rays, color fading, and normal wear and tear. 


Our sealing process includes cleaning and prepping the surface as well as re-sanding the joints before applying the sealer when applicable. The sealer will then  harden the sand in the joints which helps to deter future weed growth and shifting of the pavers. The wet look sealer will darken and enrich the color of the paver or stone surfaces and form a protective barrier to prevent stains and spills or organic growth from penetrating the surface and becoming more difficult to remove. 

We exclusively use ICT's Ure-Seal H2O which is a water based, urethane sealer with natural or gloss sheens to choose from. Our standard process includes 2 coats of sealer being applied. We are an authorized applicator of F9 Restoration products if there are inorganic stains like rust or oil that need to be addressed before applying sealer. 

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