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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Florida Home

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

florida home maintenance exterior - dykes pressure cleaning

At Dykes Pressure Cleaning we know how hard it is to keep up with exterior maintenance on your home. With all the rain and humidity that our sunshine state summers have to offer, maintaining your home's exterior can be one tough task to tackle. So, I wanted to take a few minutes to go over a couple things that can be helpful when battling mother nature.

Mold and Algae are a Problem

First, let me explain why mold and algae build-up is a PROBLEM! Aside from the fact that it just doesn’t look very nice covering your home, it can also bring down your property value if you are thinking about selling. Mold and algae can and will damage just about any surface if it sits too long before being cleaned. For this reason, most HOA’s recommend yearly pressure washing of your home’s exterior. Some problem areas like pool deck and enclosures, soffits, and fences may need to be done more frequently depending on your surrounding landscapes.

Mold and Algae Pose a Health Risk

Though it is not as severe as mold inside the home, having mold and algae build-up around the outside of the home can pose health risks as well. Children are especially susceptible to these health risks and are usually the ones spending a lot of time in pool areas and other outdoor areas while playing! Mold and mildew can even make its way inside your home if left on your roof for too long and even if you can’t see it, there is a chance it could be negatively affecting your health. For our mind and bodies to function properly, we need clean, fresh air to breathe. A lot of people aren’t aware that most of the toxic mold in the air cannot be detected by the naked eye. We don’t want you to have to worry about these problems!

Keeping Up with Property Maintenance

There are a few things that you can do as a home owner or renter to keep up with proper maintenance of your homes exterior and ensure it is a safe and healthy space for you and your family, as well as anyone who may come visit.

You can clean just about anything with quality equipment and the right techniques. There are a few basic methods for cleaning the different surfaces around your property. These methods are tried and true and they will produce impressive results. They are the same techniques we use every day for our power washing business and now we are going to share them with you! You have Surface Cleaning, Soft Washing, Pressure Cleaning, and sometimes a combination of these that are the main ways we use to bring your home, office, or property back to life! Over the next few weeks I will be giving a more detailed explanation of each of these different approaches and how and when to use them to produce the best results.

Here are a few helpful tips for maintaining your Florida home:

  • Make sure all gutters are clean and clear of debris.

  • Direct all water flow away from the home or building.

  • Make sure roof is clean and clear of debris.

  • Try paints with mold resistant features.

  • Regular pressure washing of exterior surfaces including: Home, driveway, pool decks, patios, screen enclosures, soffits, pavers, fences and any surface where mold and mildew is forming. (yearly or bi-yearly cleaning is recommended depending on your surrounding environment and the amount of shade and moisture.)

At the end of the day, it’s hot out there! Without the proper equipment it could take you days or even weeks to provide your property with suitable pressure washing. On top of that, mold is a living organism. It is neither a plant nor an animal, but mold is classified as a fungus. This means that you will need to use a chemical mixture to guarantee the best results, and that can get tricky and dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the necessary mixtures. If you have too heavy of a mixture, you could end up killing other plants and shrubbery around the areas you are cleaning. Too light, and the solution may not be strong enough to thoroughly clean the area in need.

Contact the Professional at Dykes Pressure Cleaning

Dykes Pressure Cleaning is fully licensed & insured and has the right equipment and experience to handle ALL your exterior cleaning needs. So, if you would prefer someone else to handle the mess, just give us a call! You can find us on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or just give us a call at (386) 847-3626.

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