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Dykes Services - What separates us from the competition in the service industry?

Ironically, the first thing that we believe separates us from the competition is that we don't compete with anyone but ourselves. We take pride in delivering a high quality service for a fair price and we back that with not only the reputation of our business, but also personally. We are more focused on making you so happy with your service that you want to tell your friends and family and recommend us. Growing up, we had a plaque on the wall of our family home explaining the importance of your last name, your reputation, and how that reputation reflects on that name. We didn't put our last name on the business out of ego, but because we want everyone to know that when you hire our company, you are hiring a real, local, family business who carries that same mindset into every customer we service.

Apparently, we are now considered "old school". We believe the simple things are important. Things like showing up and on time, doing something right the first time if you are going to do it at all, keeping your word and doing what you say when you say. I know from a customers prospective, a lot of folks are jaded because of past negative experiences, and rightfully so. We hear about all the scam contractors who take deposits and never come back, the ones who always have some outrageous excuse over and over again when they don't show up, the ones who do show up, but have no respect for you or your property. We hear it all, all the time, and that's why I wanted to take a moment and explain exactly what you get when you hire Dykes Services.

First, we aim to offer fair prices and the highest quality, not the quickest and cheapest. When quoting properties, you can pull up an address online, have a cut and dry price per square foot, and send over a price much quicker than the way we do our quoting. We come out and look at the property in person. We meet with someone on sight if possible and go over expectations, we get pictures and measurements to review, check for pre-existing damages, asses what will be required for plant/property protection, check for inorganic staining that will not be removed by pressure washing or soft washing and will require additional products and processes. Basically, we go over everything that cannot be accounted for by simply viewing online and ensure you know exactly what to expect, or not from our services. This requires more time and fuel isn't cheap these days, but we believe it is the more effective way to be prepared and complete a quality job efficiently the first time.

Upon arrival, we walk the property with the customer if they are available and confirm the services, any necessary details, and make sure you have no further questions before we begin. Next, we start plant and property protection by utilizing a number of methods. We tape off any exterior outlets that may be exposed or in question, check for any open windows or doors and bad seals, we pre water the plants and root systems to protect them from any products we may be spraying around them and then rinse them well after spraying our cleaning solutions. During the cleaning process we respect your property and proceed with caution and care. We utilize a soft wash process, applying a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, a surfactant, and dilute it with water to the proper strengths so that it is safe for use on your property and building materials, but drastically improves the final results. This process will not peel paint, blow out screens or seals on doors and windows, or any of the usual concerns with pressure washing. While we use pressure washers to complete certain parts of the cleaning, we use chemical injectors and special nozzles that produce more flow and less pressure. This combination creates far better results and is much safer for your home or business.

My wife and I are both lifelong central Florida residents and we now have an almost 2 year old daughter. Everything we do is based on creating a better life for her and our modest business is the way we provide for our little family. We want to leave nothing but happy customers in our wake and we work hard on a daily basis to run a business we can be proud to call our own. We want to have a reputation for not only providing the best quality work, but also just being honest, dependable, and good people. To us, you aren't just another job on the schedule to check off the list. You are a valued customer that allows us the opportunity to create a better life for our family if we are willing to work for it. Not just work for it, but perfect it. We have dedicated our lives to perfecting our craft for going on 6 years now and we are forever grateful for all of our past, current, and future customers.

If you are ever in need of any asphalt repair/resurfacing, asphalt sealcoating, striping/pavement markings, pressure/soft washing, paver sealing, or concrete work, we hope you keep us in mind. We will continue to provide the fairest prices possible given the state of inflation and price increases being passed on to us and we certainly will continue to perfect our craft and provide the best quality!

Dykes Services LLC


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