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Customer Service from Dykes Pressure Cleaning

Dykes Pressure Cleaning Trailer in from of Customer Service Sign in Volusia County

At Dykes Pressure Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being the best pressure washing service in Volusia county. We strive to be the best in every aspect of your experiences with us. From the first time we meet or talk on the phone, throughout the entire process until your home or business is clean and you are left with a smile on your face. We all have the stresses of everyday life like work, family, friends, and hobbies to keep up with. Why would you want to use a company that is going to cause you more headache? The stories we hear daily make us cringe. Anything less than the best is not acceptable in our opinion and we demand the highest level of quality and customer service from all our team and every time, nothing less.

Our business thrives off word of mouth. This is our best marketing effort by far. Sure, we have signs and business cards and such, but a happy customer who tells their friends, family, and contacts is invaluable. We love our small town of New Smyrna Beach and know that a smaller town can be a double- edged sword. Everyone knows everyone! That means if they are saying good things this will be a tremendous benefit for your business. However, if the things they are saying are not good, it could be certain death regarding business. It usually doesn’t take much longer to make sure everything looks up to par. A quick walk around when you think you are done with an area to double check your work or going over a stubborn area one more time to get the finishing touches is all it takes most of the time. So, it takes you an extra 10-15 minutes, but you will more than likely have a customer for life. Too many people are focusing on the short game. Thinking of only how much money they can make that day and aiming for quantity not quality. At Dykes Pressure Cleaning we are in it for the long haul and would prefer to go the extra mile, take a little longer and ensure that you are thoroughly pleased with the work and experience and will be ready to sign up for our yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, and monthly programs.

One of the questions most asked by other business owners relates to marketing your business. The two most important things in business for us and what I would suggest to anyone are as follows. Getting work and then keeping work. If you think about it most things we encounter fall into one of these categories. Every business must market that business to the desired consumers. After attaining the customers, you must maintain the quality and service that landed the work in the first place. If you plan on building and growing your business, you need to be retaining your current customers while gaining new ones all the while.

We know that we want all our customers to receive a price that is fair as well as a job that results in the outcome we promised, and they asked for. We want to solve your home and business maintenance problems, not give you a sales pitch. We are looking forward to the opportunity to show the home and business owners of Volusia County and surrounding areas what we at Dykes Pressure Cleaning are all about. We know that if you choose to use our services you will never need to look any further. Our repeat programs offer a free check in at the time of your choosing. Basically, this just means we will schedule a follow up call to see if you need any work done on your property since we were last there. You don’t have to worry about contracts or finding that business card you threw in a drawer last year. We just call, honor the same price if it’s the same work, and let you know what day we will be there to complete the work. Look at our website at or call today at (386) 847-3626 to schedule your free estimate and find out for yourself what Dykes Pressure Cleaning can do for you and your maintenance needs.

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