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Why you Should Hire a Pro to Pressure Wash

why you should hire a professional to pressure wash your home - dykes pressure cleaning new smyrna beach

Why I think pressure washing should be done by a pro.

Pressure washing your home or business should be done by a professional and I will explain why I think this. Having a business in the service industry, we hear horror stories all the time from home owners and business owners who were unhappy with the quality of work from a business they used in the past. We do not wish to use scare tactics, but rather inform you and offer a few simple suggestions in hopes that you can prevent having to deal with similar frustrations.

Someone with the right pressure washing equipment and expertise can make a drastic change in the appearance of your property. There aren’t many things a good pressure cleaning or soft washing won’t clean when it comes to exterior maintenance. However, someone with a piece of equipment blasting water at 3500 psi and a few gallons a minute can certainly pose a threat to your home or business if they don't have that correct experience. Just because someone owns a pressure washer or has access to one does not mean they are equipped to clean your exterior safely and correctly.

My first recommendation would be to always make sure the business is licensed and insured. The last thing you want is to choose a company because they are the cheapest price and then when they damage something on your property you find out that they do not have insurance. This is why “the cheapest price isn’t always the cheapest price”.

My next piece of advice is to read reviews. With all the information available at our fingertips these days, take five minutes and look up the company online and read their reviews. People these days will certainly let it be known if they were not happy with the work or the business and that is what reviews are for. A quick couple minutes could make the difference between the right choice and a wrong and easily preventable one.

There are a few warning signs you can watch out for that might indicate someone may not have the necessary knowledge. There are areas on all properties where caution is required while cleaning. Things like windows, soffits, electrical boxes, and roofs all have spots where too much pressure can cause damage or leaks. These things can all be cleaned safely, and we do so on a regular basis, but the correct pressures and techniques must be used.

Most roofs should never be cleaned using pressure. We clean all roofs using a soft wash method which utilizes a chemical mixture to remove the unwanted mold, algae, and build up instead of high pressure. I would highly recommend not letting anyone use pressure to clean your roof as it can cause a variety of damages. Other problem areas are cleaned using a low-pressure nozzle which injects a small amount of chemical into the stream allowing the areas to be cleaned safely. We only use pressure on areas that we know can withstand it or when the job requires it, like removing old paint.

Using chemicals brings the possibility of harm to plants, or even pets and people, depending on the product. The use of chemicals is necessary sometimes to clean problem areas thoroughly and they can be used safely; but too heavy of a mixture, or not using proper care around landscapes, can cause damage or even kill the plants completely.

chemical burns from chemical while pressure washing
Plants burned by too strong of a chemical mixture in pressure washer.

At Dykes Pressure Cleaning, we believe you should be able to trust the business you choose to treat you and your property like it was their own. Our crew has the knowledge, experience, and work ethic to provide you and your friends and family with exceptional service for years to come. We look forward to working with you, but don’t take our word for it, go take a look at our reviews on Google and reviews on Facebook. Then, take a look around our website to see why Dykes Pressure Cleaning is the last pressure cleaning business you will ever need to call!

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